Welcome New Members Josh & Andrea Rhodes

We’ve recently completed membership interviews with several people and asked some of them to talk about why they’ve become part of the Christ Church family. Here’s Josh & Andrea Rhodes’ story:

Andrea and I are thrilled to be joining Christ Community Church.  As parents of three beautiful(and very active) daughters, we understand more than ever the importance of God’s church.  In our time as regular attenders, it became evident to us that the Holy Spirit was strongly orchestrating a move towards this congregation.  We have experientially, as parents and as husband & wife, come to learn that we are not enough in this world.  We don’t have “what it takes”.  To compound our experience, the Bible happens to reinforce this truth(that we fall short) with an uncomfortable amount of historical support.  
We’ve relocated as a family several times in the last five years.  Each time we have felt the difference our church home makes.  One thing that we have learned is that Christianity is not about individual responsibility.  It has much more to do with God’s faithfulness to us, a “unilateral” agreement.  He has entrusted the Church to remind us of this truth, to carry the Torch.  
Enter Christ Community Church.  The centrality of preaching the Gospel and the observance of the Sacraments have shown us the strong commitment that the Elders and general membership have towards a Christ-centered message. This is the very message we as a married couple need in order to survive every day, literally.  
The Gospel and Law run a wonderful tandem.  We’ve realized that we cannot endure the heaviness of God’s very good and complete Law.  Thank God for Jesus, who did what we “ought” to do!  
So, we are humbled to enter into this family and really look forward to what lies ahead.  We admit failure ahead of time, but admit God’s sufficiency in the very same breath. Grace Happens.

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