March Madness and the Gospel

Want to know the connection between your March Madness bracket and the Gospel? …

Filling out the perfect March Madness bracket has so far been found unattainable. And yet, we try for it year after year after year. The prize is big. But no matter how hard we try to make all the right picks, call all the right upsets, no one has ever filled out the perfect bracket.

We fall just as short in our lives (or shorter) of living the perfect life. The odds are ever not in our favor.

And when we fall short of perfection in our lives, there is separation from God. As much as it hurts His heart, He cannot deviate from who He is. He cannot be in the presence of imperfection.

But the good news, and where this silly metaphor falls short, is that there is someone who gave us a second chance to be perfect. Jesus came to earth and was willing to lay his life (or lay his perfect bracket) over ours so that all God sees when He looks at us is perfection. The creation He originally intended. The child He can now welcome in with open arms. The child He loves.

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection give us the ability to enjoy Him forever. That gives Him great joy, and it gives us great joy as well.

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