Jobs For Life

Read this short description of Jobs For Life by member Todd Harrison:

My passion for Jobs for Life began almost two years ago.  I met David Spickard, JfL President, in Atlanta and heard about the transforming potential of the program.  I firmly believe that if we can help address employment issues among the poor then many of the other things we try to do for them – food, clothing, medical attention, housing needs, homelessness, etc – will become less necessary.  JfL is a primary way to help the poor among us with long term change.  And the good news is that through the JfL material the students will hear about the gospel, the truth that God has a purpose for their lives that includes their vocation and build Godly character that will help them get and keep a job. 


Here’s an opportunity to join me and others from our church in this exciting program:

  • Come to Redeemer Church this Sunday, April 15, at 1 pm. Lunch will be provided and we will talk about all the different ways you can get involved! E-mail to reserve a spot if you would like to come.

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