Felt Love of Jesus

In a sermon from Luke 7:36-50 by Matt Adair a few months ago, he made this statement:
‘The greatest power to set you free from the addictions, afflictions and assorted troubles of this world is the felt love of Jesus.’

I think we can all say we know the difference between believing we are loved and then feeling loved by someone. We have asked members of our church to share stories of a time when they really felt loved by Jesus. There is so much power in the stories of believers, so we hope you are encouraged by these.

Our thirteenth story is by protege member Justin Kimmel:

Music is something special. It’s a gift. Sure, God created music like all things for His glory, but He also created it for people to enjoy. It’s a powerful thing. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s an emotional thing. Music moves me.

I love music and I love the music at our church. I can be too opinionated about music at times, but I didn’t end up at Christ Community because I thought the music was great. I have never chosen to worship at a gathering of believers based on music. To be honest, I have worshipped at a number of churches where I was pretty indifferent about the music being played. (I’ll stop here before I get too opinionated.)

If I’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it’s that God enjoys giving good gifts to His children. And at Christ Community Church in Athens, GA, I think God has given us just that for our gatherings. It is by no means the focus of what we do. But it is something we do. It’s got a name now. Mission Athens Music. We play good music… We don’t pay our musicians. We have an ongoing cycle of people that come through. We sound different every other week. We play more than one service. Sometimes we don’t practice until Sunday morning. But, we play good music.

I consider it a privilege to be a part of what is Mission Athens Music. It’s a gift, an expression of love from my Jesus to me. To be more than just a band. Friends. To care so much about selecting songs and ordering set lists to help people hear the gospel and worship Jesus together. Family. To have music preach to me and convince me of God’s love for me. Faith. God has given me something incredibly special with Mission Athens Music and I know I’m not the only one who can say that. It’s something that has consistently reminded me that Jesus loves me these last two years. Countless moments I have felt unloved or undeserving of love and I get together with these people, sing some lyrics or play an amazing truth-filled song or hear an incredible violin riff and I can’t help but be reminded that the glorious High King of Heaven loves me.

Talk to any of us and we’ll tell you what God has done to create and bring together Mission Athens Music. It’s more than just a band. It’s more than just good music. It’s all because of Christ. The friends. The family. The faith. All of it because of Christ.

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