Summer Leadership Project

Find out what many of our students at Christ Community Church will be up to this summer as the school year gets ready to come to a close! Read this post by Campus Outreach and Christ Community member Lewis Hensley -

To quote John Piper, a pastor in Minnesota, “What the church needs worldwide is Spirit-filled, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting, self-abasing, untiring, persevering leaders who exert deep, broad, life-changing influence for Jesus Christ.” The Summer Leadership Project is crafted specifically for this purpose: to glorify God by building laborers for his Kingdom on the college campus to be sent into the lost world, whether in ministry or the workplace, domestically or abroad.

What we will be doing:
The SLP consists of living and working in Panama City, Florida for nine weeks during the summer with a hundred other college students from North Georgia College & State University, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia. The event is organized and run by Campus Outreach staff ( and students from these three schools.

A first-time attendee of the project works full-time during the week, and attends training sessions at night discussing the Gospel, studying the Bible, developing a personal ministry, and stewardship of time and resources from a Biblical perspective. Students process all this information through personal devotional time and during weekly discussion and prayer in discipleship groups.

Also, there are many students from our church returning for a second or third time as room leaders and team leaders. They have varying responsibilities from leading discipleship groups to giving training seminars.

How the SLP impacts students while they’re there and when they come back:
Students who attend the SLP are learning from multiple angles, whether it is information intake from a training session, raw life experience through trying to share their faith with their co-workers, or dealing with relational conflict within their rooms. Because of this multi-faceted “greenhouse” for spiritual-growth, students return to their campuses, Churches, and organizations better equipped to share the gospel, love others, and continually pursue a personal relationship with Christ.

Please pray for us as we go this summer that we would all have teachable hearts, open to what God is showing us. Please also pray, above anything else, that all we do this summer would be gospel-centered and focused on pressing our life into Jesus.

To hear from students (some from our church) who attended SLP last year, watch this video at

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