Automate the Important

As we get ready for the summer, the finance team asked me to talk about why Lindsey and I use the church’s online giving platform. The answer is pretty simple - I don’t have to worry about forgetting something that’s really important to me.

Maybe you know what it’s like to forget to bring your checkbook to one of our worship gatherings. And you have all the best intentions of writing a check during the week but then there’s the whole remembering to write the check and finding a stamp and figuring out the church’s mailing address. Then you get your giving statement from the church and realize that you didn’t give nearly as much as you wanted to give.

Now imagine if you’re the pastor of a church and you find that happening to you? Knowing what I know about myself and because the story above is my story from a few years ago, I’m incredibly thankful that we’re able to set up a regular giving schedule that works with our monthly budget. It’s one less thing for me to have to remember and allows me to prioritize my most important financial investment.

I’m grateful that our church has created a resource to help me put my money where my mouth is. If you would like to be more consistent in your financial investment in our church or if you’ll be gone during the summer, I’d encourage you to take 5 minutes right now and set up a regular giving schedule ( If you have any questions about setting this up, contact Tyler Daniels (

Much Love,

Matt Adair
Lead Pastor

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