Re-thinking Priorities

What are your priorities? I mean, I know Jesus is first in your life but what comes next - your family, your job, church? I’d like to suggest that the whole concept of priorities is unrealistic and unhelpful.

The truth is that on any given day, we feel the weight of different responsibilities and opportunities. A sick child, a project deadline, Sunday mornings - sometimes they’re things we plan or want to give ourselves to, while on other days the pressing need is something we simply can’t avoid and has to be done if we’re going to live well and live wisely.

And let’s talk about this ‘Jesus is #1’ assumption. I realize that it sounds good and, to be honest, who’s going to admit that planning a family vacation or studying for finals is more important than Jesus? But who are we kidding - there are moments and seasons when following Jesus takes a backseat to stuff we like or things we simply have to get done. So I understand why I’m quick to put on my spiritual foam finger and tell the world how much Jesus matters to me, but the reality is that he doesn’t always occupy that place in my head, heart and life.

May I offer a course correction? Let’s learn what Jesus said when he claimed to be ‘the way, the truth, and the life…’ (John 14:6) and give up trying to isolate which priority occupies a particular ranking in our soul. I believe that Jesus is calling us to make him our sole priority, and as we follow him in discipleship we reconfigure family, job, school, church, etc. around Jesus.

Following Jesus in every sphere of life requires courage and wisdom. It will not only require the guts to set aside good opportunities for the sake of the best opportunities, it will take wisdom to know how to determine what’s the best course of action on any given day.

Two suggestions:

First, let’s learn to live in the freedom of what Jesus has already done for us. Life is broken and we walk through it with a limp but because Jesus lived the life we should have lived and died a death we deserve, we don’t have to micromanage every minute of our day in a quest to be perfect. Life becomes less about trying to get it right and more about enjoying the love of God in even the messiest and most brutal situations and circumstances in life.

Second, let’s live in light of what matters to Jesus. Because he is our priority, let’s make decisions that make much of him and give us the opportunity to experience his grace and presence in real and tangible ways. And because Jesus occupies every sphere of life as our King, nothing he calls us to as we live, work and play must be neglected and every calling can be enjoyed as part of what it means for us to follow him.

                                                     -Matt Adair, Lead Pastor

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