Donations to Project Safe

As we mentioned, the student’s and our leadership team were floored when we saw how generous our faith family had been in donating items for our trip to Rio de Janeiro.

As we were stuffing suitcase after suitcase several hours before our flight out, we soon realized that we had too much. In fact, we had what amounted to about six suitcases worth of clothing that we couldn’t take with us due to checked bag limitations of international flights.

However, we wanted to let you all know that those items did not go to waste! They were donated to Project Safe to be sold in their thrift store. For those of you who don’t know about Project Safe, it is a safe house here in Athens for women suffering from domestic abuse – it is a place where they can recover and start again away from any danger.The items you donated will be sold in their thrift store to fund this safe house and its tenants.

Thank you so much for your generosity; it has impacted men, women, and children in another hemisphere as well as just down the street. If you have any interest in volunteering or making further donations to Project Safe you can find their information at

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