Nine Things To Share

Hey y’all,

Nine things I want to share with you this week:

First, I want to thank you for allowing me to take time away from preaching over the past month. The truth is, I don’t really get tired of preaching or tired from preaching, but there are times when I need to give time to other things in our church besides preaching. So after a couple of weeks of vacation, I’ve been doing a good bit of thinking, praying and planning for this next season of life for us as a church. I’m very excited about what God seems to be orchestrating…

Second, since my time off came around the time of my eighth anniversary as lead pastor of our church, it gave me time to reflect on my first eight years here. And as I thought about our next eight years together, four particular hopes seemed to bubble to the surface as I was reading through Ephesians. So before we jump back into Luke, I want to take time this Sunday to share those hopes with you as we begin this next eight years together.

Third, and I don’t want to forget this, isn’t it amazing that God has gifted us with a number of men who can open up the Bible and point us to Jesus on Sundays? I’ve listened to all four sermons from Philippians and I’m incredibly thankful for the grace God has given David, Collin, Lewis and Aaron to preach Jesus. I look forward to having all of them preach again.

Fourth, the record our band recorded will be on sale at the end of the month. Everyone who pre-ordered the album has already received a digital copy and can pick up their CD this Sunday after the gathering. I’ve been listening to various mixes for months and I love the artistry and the depth of the lyric in their work. If you don’t already have a copy, save up your milk money and pick one up later this summer.

Fifth, we’re finalizing dates to launch our groups this fall. In our church, following Jesus includes life together in community. So if you’re not already plugged into a group, look for information in August about how you can get on track with us.

Sixth, we’re building out something called Legacy Weekend, where we invite former members of our church to come back in town to have a massive party on a Saturday night and then join us for our gathering on Sunday. I hope to be able to give you dates in the next couple of weeks so you can start inviting people.

Seventh, be looking for a ton of stories about what God is doing in and through our church. Our team is shooting videos, listening to stories, scheduling times during our gatherings for people like you do tell the rest of us what God’s up to in their world. If you’d like to tell the rest of us what God is telling you - through the good stuff or the junk of life! - get in touch with Stephen Terry at

Eighth, I’ll be preaching next Tuesday at the Summer RUF gathering on Psalm 115. Appreciate the prayers and if you’re a student and would like to go, let me know ( ) and I’ll give you directions.

Ninth, congratulations to David and Jenny Melton on the birth of their son, Vance. Great to visit with them yesterday and welcome them to the world of multiple sons as Vance joins big brother, Cade, in a mission of wreaking havoc for Jesus.

As always, our website ( and our blog ( are great ways to stay connected with us as we join God in restoring all things.

Much Love,


PS - Thanks for all the notes and questions about my dad. He’s back home after a second stint in the hospital. Prognosis is good and he’ll be over here later in the month with my mom.

PSS - The rumors are true. I did have a kidney stone on July 4th. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone other than Satan.

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