Letter to the Church

Hey y’all, I’ve got eight things to run by you this week:

First, I’m excited to introduce our Protege team for 2012-2013: Michael Mann, Collin Ross, Ben Sheppard, Stephen Terry, Jim Tocci and Holly Von Lanken. A couple of years ago, we launched Protege as an opportunity for recent college graduates to continue their personal development by serving as part of our church staff. We spent a couple of days earlier this week near Blairsville launching a new learning year and I loved our time together. We’ll connect faces and names during our gathering on Sunday and I hope you’ll make every effort to encourage and support them over the next twelve months.

Second, I’m equally excited that Aaron Slaten is now heading up our Protege program. In addition to being my favorite worship leader in the world, Aaron does a fantastic job at developing young leaders so plugging him into this role was an easy win.

Third, Aaron is also one of our elders and earlier tonight the five of us met with our wives for dinner and then took a couple of hours to work through some of the opportunities we have as a church. More details to come but there’s some really exciting stuff on the horizon about community groups, global mission, and campus ministry.

Fourth, I want to thank you for your continued financial generosity to the church. We looked at the numbers tonight and God continues to provide through your investment. We want to keep growing our financial base because of the opportunities we have to leverage our resources for God’s kingdom but y’all have been knocking it out of the park! Thank you and let’s keep going...

Fifth, we’ll move back to two worship gatherings on August 19th, with gatherings at 10am and 12pm. You’ll hear more about this over the next week but I wanted to give you a heads up a couple of weeks out.

Sixth, this Sunday we’ll be in Luke 11:29-36 and talk about what Jesus does to get our attention. If you were hoping to show up on Sunday and hang out with meek and mild Jesus, you’ll be rather disappointed. But a God who can’t challenge you is a God who doesn’t really love you.

Seventh, I’m looking forward to having my friend, Tripp Almon, at our gathering on Sunday to talk about the work he’s doing as executive pastor of Four Corners Church in Newnan. This is one of the Acts 29 churches that we support and I wanted you to hear their story, and if you’re a student, to consider heading to Newnan after graduation to be part of what God is doing through them.

Finally, it’s been an exciting week with the birth of Rilan Josiah Hughes (Josh and Lindsey) and there’s more fun to come with the wedding of Kathryn Torbett and Justin Kimmel on Sunday afternoon.

Much Love,


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