A Letter to Christ Community Church

Hey y’all, I’ve got six things to run by you this week:

First, I’m excited to have our students from UGA here in Athens as a new academic year kicks off this week. Summers in Athens are incredible but if you have a pulse, how do you not get excited about having our entire family back together and seeing so many new faces?

Second, these first few weeks of the academic year provides a great opportunity to help our guests feel like family. Students, families - let’s treat people the way we would want to be treated if we walked into an unfamiliar place with people we don’t know.

Third, don’t forget that we’ll have two gatherings beginning this Sunday. Our nursery and children’s environments will take place during our 10am gathering. So if you’re a student, would you do me a favor and try out the 12pm gathering for the next 2-3 weeks? Grab brunch before you show up at the Foundry Building, serve families and guests by leaving room for them, and be part of a great gathering at the top of the day.

Fourth, when you think about our life together as a church, everything comes back to our Sunday gathering, community groups and fight clubs. Repeat after me - gathering, group, fight club. This is how we build life around each other as a church.

Fifth, you’ll hear more about fight clubs later this fall but this Sunday we’ll have a listing of community groups for you to plug into as we launch a new season of groups around Labor Day. We’ve created groups as an opportunity for you to become part of a family - we’re convinced that life is better together.

Sixth, our elder team had a very productive meeting on Monday night, approving our quarterly budget and discussing our role in starting new churches and loving our city. I love working with these men and feel particularly thankful for their desire to help you follow Jesus. If you have any questions about our budget (or anything else related to church finances), contact David Hunt.

Have a great rest of the week!

Much Love,


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