Letter to Christ Community Church

Hey y’all, Today is Christmas for me - college football gets going tonight with a great SEC matchup between S. Carolina and Vanderbilt. Someone put Kay Mallett on lockdown if the Gamecocks lose to the Commodores!

Few things to pass along this week:

First, I want to give one last round of thanks to all of you who volunteered at the Connect 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and Family Fun Zone last Saturday. Over 3,000 people crowded the streets of downtown Athens and you served them incredibly well. Thanks to Josh Rhodes for giving us the opportunity to serve. And if you haven’t seen the video of Chris Braswell win $10,000 in a Hot Shot competition, hereyougo. And while you’re at it, watch it again, just to watch Rhodes run around the court like Jim Valvano in ‘83 looking for someone to hug (HT: Andy Tucker).

Second, you one-upped yourself last Sunday by breaking our Sunday attendance record exactly one week after setting a new record. I’m thankful for the opportunity we have to tell people about Jesus, and for me, the more the merrier. I don’t expect us to top ourselves this week because of Labor Day but I’m willing to be surprised!

Third, speaking of Labor Day, I hope you enjoy the weekend if you’re leaving town. If you’re in town, we’ll continue our BLESS series by talking about what happens when God blesses our city from John 1:14. I’ll give you a hint...’it’s beginning to look a lot like _____________.’

Fourth, this would be a great weekend to pass along your invite card to a friend and bring them with you. And if you’re a student, I’d love for you to join us at the 12pm gathering and consider becoming part of our children’s ministry volunteer team. Serve during the 10am gathering and stick around for the 12pm gathering. We won’t feel it this Sunday but when we come back from Labor Day, the 10am will feel like we have more people than seats.

Fifth, you’ll have another opportunity to sign up to visit one or more of our community groups after Sunday’s gathering. You can also fillthisout and at least one of our leaders will get in touch with you. We become family in groups - I hope you’ll plug into one this fall!

Six, we’re inviting all of our young families (families with elementary-aged children down to newlyweds) to join us for a Labor Day party at the home of Bill and Joanne Bath (5332 High Shoals Rd, Bishop GA 30621). The pool will open at 10am and we’ll hang around during the afternoon. Bring a picnic lunch, invite friends who aren’t part of our church and enjoy one last taste of summer!

Seventh, be on the look out for news about our first membership event of the fall, as well as a monthly men’s prayer event launching in October as we pray for God to bless our city with revival.

Much Love,


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