For Confused and Reluctant Missionaries

I’m working on this Sunday’s sermon - the fourth sermon in our BLESS series and the most practical of the seven messages that I’m hoping will help us learn to love our city well. Here are two things I’d want you to think about before we jump into John 20:19-22 together: First, you don’t have to become someone else in order to be a missionary. We tend to focus on doing good works or telling people about Jesus - the activity of mission - and forget that missionary is an identity before it ever becomes a set of behaviors. What we do is shaped by who we are. And that means that someone who prefers introverted behavior and helps people primarily with their actions is just as much a missionary as someone who prefers extroverted behavior and loves to tell complete strangers about Jesus.

Second, we should expect to be actively engaged in missionary work as part of the ordinary rhythm of everyday life. If missionary activity is not limited to a particular personality type or skill set, then you and I lose our excuses for not living on mission. Because we get to be ourselves and because we’re hardwired to bless people (more about that on Sunday!), we should find it surprising when we’re not bringing people to Jesus.

Here are a few quick notes:

  • We need other people to help us follow Jesus. One way we connect with other people is through our community groups, which are made up of 6-15 adults who build life around one another. If you’d like more information about groups, you can find a list of groups and a way to let us know you’re looking for a group here, or you can contact BenSheppard.
  • If you are a UGA student coming to our 10:00 gathering, would you try out our 12:00 gathering this week? The 10:00 gathering is full and because it’s the only gathering that offers our ministry environments for children, we need as much space as possible. And if you’re coming to the 12:00, talk to HollyVonLanken about serving in our nursery or children’s worship during the 10:00 gathering. An easy way to give back that helps us shape the next generation for Jesus.
  • Speaking of our children’s ministry, we’re really excited about the launch of our Redwoods environment for 3rd-5th graders this Sunday during the 10:00 gathering. If you have a child that age or want to help make this a great place for our kids to learn to follow Jesus, get in touch with Holly.
  • We have our first membership event of the fall on Monday, October 1st. Look for more details in the next week. If you have questions or would like to register for this free event, contact JimTocci.

~ Matt

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