We’ve adopted a simple method called BLESS to help us think about how we love our city, and in particular, the people that God puts around us as we go about the stuff of everyday life. The idea is that throughout the day, there will be multiple opportunities for you, and me, to BLESS people:

  • B - Begin with prayer. Pray for someone to bless. Pray for God to bless the people you come in contact with.
  • L - Listen. Be intentional. Ask good questions.
  • E - Eat. Share a meal or a cup of coffee. Listen well.
  • S - Serve. Be generous with what you have. Meet their needs.
  • S - Story. Be yourself. Share God’s story.

This can get played out in so many different ways throughout any given day. You’re probably already doing some of these things. That’s good. What I don’t want to miss are the opportunities God gives me that I miss because of my failure to see the situation from his perspective.

So maybe the first step in learning to BLESS the people around you is intentionality. Fueling your efforts to love with clear reminders of the love of God for you. Finding a way to remind yourself to look for opportunities to BLESS.

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