The Dirty Secret About Men… that men don’t know what it takes to be a man. Culture pushes masculinity to the extremes of machismo and buffoonery. Churches seem content to mimic culture. We grew up with poor role models, are confused by conflicting messages, and compare weaknesses both perceived and real to the strengths of others around us.

I’d like to do something about this. I want to be a man. I want my sons to grow up and be men. I want you to be a man. Ladies, I want your men to be men.

So here’s an idea, gentlemen. Let’s learn from Jesus what it means to be men.

And if it’s alright with you, I’d like to suggest a first step on our journey together. Let’s ask for help.

Crazy, right? Men don’t ask for help.

Actually, that’s one of those urban myths about men. Stubborn, immature boys don’t ask for help. Men know there are times when they need help. Jesus asked for help every time he prayed.

So let’s take a page from Jesus and pray together and ask for help. In our life as men. In our life together as a church. In our life here in the city.

Tuesday night (8pm), October 2nd and Wednesday morning (6:30am), October 3rd. We’re giving you options because we know you’re busy. But you have options - I hope you’ll make one of those work for you.

Oh, and ladies, would you help him make it to one of these gatherings? I know that makes your plate a little more full but I wouldn’t ask him to do this if I didn’t think it will help you out, as well.

A few other notes:

  • Who have you blessed this week? Would love to hear your story - shoot me an email at
  • We’ll continue our BLESS series this Sunday in Jeremiah 29:4-13 as we talk about our public agenda as Christians. What is our message to our city?
  • If you’re a student at UGA or Gainesville, would you try out the 12pm gathering this week? We could use space in the 10am gathering for families.
  • Great first week of our Redwoods environment for 3rd-5th graders!
  • Community Groups are a great way to become part of our family at Christ Community Church. You can get more information about CGs here.
  • Our next membership event for families is on Tuesday, September 25th and for students on Monday, October 1. Contact JimTocci for more details.

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