You Don't Have To Go To Church Tomorrow

No, I’m serious. You really don’t have to show up tomorrow for one of our gatherings. In fact, if you think you’ll get in trouble with people in the church or (more importantly) with Jesus, then you might want to take the day off tomorrow.

But if I told you that you’d get to meet Jesus tomorrow - the real Jesus - would you be there?

Here’s something I was just reading by Richard Lovelace:

If we really believe in Jesus, we know he is the Messiah. We also know that we are joined to him in all his kingly glory. We know he is the second Adam who has brought forth a new humanity, and we know we are part of that new race. We know that he is a perfect priest who has offered a perfect sacrifice, and that god accepts us as perfect because of this. Therefore, our consciences should be void of guilt and our hearts full of gratitude, no matter how poorly we have lived out this freedom.

We know that his kingly power can conquer sin and rule in our thoughts, words, and actions, and we are committed to this rule. We know that he is very close to us, that he has taken up residence in our lives and wants to be more intimately related to us than any other person. We know that he has broken the powers of darkness and has equipped us to resist and destroy their influence.

As we live in the focused light of this knowledge, we will continually be spiritually renewed...

Now I don’t know about y’all but those words expose two problems for me: 1) I don’t always believe these things about Jesus are true, at least not in the heat of life’s moments; and 2) I don’t always ‘live in the focused light of this knowledge’. So consequently, I have mornings like this one where I don’t feel like I know Jesus really well.

That’s why I need to show up tomorrow morning. Yes, I know I have a job to do (and so do you, but that’s another conversation for another morning). But I need tomorrow morning for more reasons than a paycheck. I need Jesus. And I’m banking a lot on the fact that the real Jesus has invited the real me to the 130 Foundry Street building tomorrow so we can hang out for a couple of hours.

Oh, by the way, he’s invited you, too. Hope to see you there.

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