A Blessing Story

A guest post by Cheryl Mallett. If you have a "Blessing Story," email Stephen Terry at sterry@missionathens.com.

I have a “Blessing Story” to share, that shows how good God really is.

I made friends with a single mom and her two sons, ages nine and 3, during the Jobs for Life initiative through our relationship with Ben Farnsworth at Downtown Ministries and Redeemer Church.  The mom is trying to pull herself and her family out of poverty by finding meaningful work.  Through our friendship, I was able to take her oldest son to one of his football games and learn about how much he loves UGA football.

I work part time for UGA and as a surprise perk, they invited me and others to attend the UGA game this week, along with a guest.  I planned to take my husband, Steve, but then God laid it on my heart to ask if there might possibly be an extra ticket for the older son.  I explained the situation that he probably would never have the opportunity to attend a game, and a very generous person offered to give me two tickets to the game so that the son and another guest could come to the game! A boys’ Sunday school teacher brought him and he had never had the opportunity to attend a UGA game either!  When I dropped off the tickets to the mom, she looked at them and said, “They are so beautiful!”  I got to see him during the game, and he seemed to be loving every minute of it!

All this to say, God is indeed good and he cares so much to bless a little boy through some very broken people and some very generous Bulldogs!

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