The New Normal

All of us are full-time Christian workers. The only difference between me and you is that I get my paycheck from a church and you get it from your employer. But all of us have jobs that can make Jesus non-ignorable to the people around us. One of the most basic ways that we make the real Jesus non-ignorable is when his life bleeds through ours as we go to class, raise kids, run a business or follow directions from an under-qualified middle manager.

Like Jesus, we are priests as we pray for the people God puts around us and give ourselves to them by listening to their story, serving them or sharing the story of God with them.

Like Jesus, we are prophets as we make choices shaped by the Scriptures that straighten out whatever is crooked around us.

And like Jesus, we are kings as we use whatever power and influence we have to reshape whatever falls within the scope of our responsibility until it looks better than brand new, providing a glimpse of this life we all want called heaven.

Welcome to the new normal - the life you’re already living infused with the life of Jesus. That’s a life that can’t be ignored as people see Jesus through your words and your work.


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