Should We Care About Politics?



From Matt....

I’m preaching on politics tomorrow.

I never thought that I would preach on politics because when I think of churches preaching on politics, I think of gatherings where Jesus is replaced by flag-waving patriotism and some veiled endorsement of a political candidate. And while you and I would be crazy not to embrace all that is good about life in the United States, the goal of our gatherings goes beyond pep rallies for the USA. Put most politically-themed gatherings in the ‘good-but-not-ultimate’ category. We have more important things to talk about than our current political climate.

So...why am I preaching on politics tomorrow? Well, I have a specific question that I want to address that fits within our teaching series on loving our city. Namely, how can government and the church work together for the good of Athens? It’s an interesting question for two reasons - first, because I’ve heard a lot about keeping the church and state separate, but I’ve never actually heard anyone talk about how church and state can work together for the good of the city; and second, because on the surface, this probably doesn’t feel like a rather spiritual topic and many of you simply don’t care about politics.

Makes you wonder why in the world I’m talking about this, right? Well, some of us do care about politics (and some of us care about it too much!) and my premise is that God has given us government as a gift (don’t read too much into that...). We need the government if we’re ever going to see Athens flourish like we hope it will. And while it might not show up on paper, this is a deeply spiritual topic that pokes and prods at some of our greatest hopes and struggles.

One of our hopes is that we would see our church mature - I’m banking on tomorrow being a day when Jesus shows up and helps us grow up a little bit.

Enjoy your Saturday - can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


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