It's Hard To Love When You Think You're God

Jesus said to love your neighbor with the same focus and intensity with which you love yourself. And, oh by the way, everyone he puts around you is your neighbor. So why is it so hard for the Church to love the gay and lesbian community? And I bring this up not only because I’m preaching about this on Sunday but because in a world where all of us come into contact with people we struggle, no group of people is more un-loved by the Church than the GLBTQA community.

We can rattle off a lot of reasons but one that doesn’t get enough airplay is that genuine Christlike love is so rare in our relationships with gays and lesbians because we want to play God. Rather than being content with providing the space and time for the Spirit to do his work through the gospel, we insist on crafting our own relationship rules and think it’s our responsibility to change people. And more often than not, these well-meaning attempts to be king and savior expose an impatience and unwillingness to allow God to be God.

Gospel + space + time. This is how Jesus makes us more like him. This is how we should expect Jesus to change us and the people around us. This is how we love the gay and lesbian community in our city: create the space and provide the time for God to do what only God can do.

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