When Generosity is Impossible

Been awhile since I’ve blogged. Last week was fall break for Jonathan’s school and the beginning of this week I was in Birmingham hosting a couple who are possibly starting a new church there in 2015. If you didn’t know this, I’m the regional director for the Acts 29 church planting network, which includes Georgia and Alabama, as well as Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee. One reason I bring that up is because through my role in A29, our church has a direct role in starting new churches all over the South. You have been generous in allowing me to take a day a week to help men build out churches like ours from Little Rock to Savannah, from Mobile to Nashville. Speaking of generosity, we’ve had a great response to the opportunity we put in front of you last Sunday to help us end the year well financially. If you weren’t there on Sunday and are part of our church, you should receive an email later today that will catch you up to speed with all the details, but what we all had to wrestle with last week was Jesus’ insistence in Luke 12:13-21 that if we’re part of his family, then we’ll be generous people - giving our money regularly, sacrificially and cheerfully to make Jesus non-ignorable (you can listen to the sermon here).

This Sunday, Jesus is going to keep talking about money in Luke 12:22-34 as we wrestle with the question, ‘how do we become generous?’ As we listen to Jesus, it shouldn’t surprise us if what Jesus is asking us to give feels impossible. It is, after all, a sacrifice. And that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. So we have a real dilemma on our hands - do we follow Jesus with our money or do we hold on to it because we think God understands our situation and how impossible it would be if we gave what Jesus is telling us to give.

Inviting you to a Sunday like this feels a smidge weird. For some of you, talking about money makes you very uncomfortable. No doubt some of you are frustrated that the pastor is talking about money again. That’s why I want to keep this in front of you: are you following Jesus with your money? That’s what matters to me. So show up on Sunday and bring a friend; you and I need to hear the God of the universe show us how much he loves us.

Much Love,



PS - Keep inviting family and friends to our Legacy Weekend on November 3-4. We have details coming about our BBQ and bonfire on Saturday night, November 3rd. And we’re looking to pack out the floor of the Classic Center Theater at 10am on Sunday, November 4th. Only way we do that is if you show up and bring folk with you to hear our story as a church and to meet with Jesus!

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