We Want Our City To Be There

Friends, Lately we've been talking a lot about making Jesus un-ignorable in our city. Our desire is to see it become impossible in Athens to ignore the restorative and redeeming nature of Jesus Christ. What we do as a church is motivated by this passion for seeing people become entangled in the love of Jesus, and Legacy Weekend is a part of this.

The reasons for Legacy Weekend are numerous: celebrating God’s faithfulness over the years, praising God for what He plans to do next, worshiping with friends and family from out-of-town, and all together voicing our need for God to show up more and more in our city. This weekend is important not only for our church, but for the city of Athens. Lest we forget the call of every believer: we are blessed to bless the city, we are forgiven to spread forgiveness in our city, we worship to make God known in our city, and we gather together to make Him un-ignorable.

Because it is important for our city, we want our city to be there this Saturday at the Bonfire (5332 High Shoals Road, Bishop, GA 30621) and Sunday at 10am in the Classic Center Theater. Invite your neighbors, your friends, your family, anyone and everyone. We are celebrating a God who is for our city, and our city needs to hear it.

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