Spring Break In Brazil

I want to share an amazing opportunity to be on mission for the Kingdom of God this coming Spring Break 2013. If you haven’t already heard, we will be taking a team of college students to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to work among church planters to spread the love of Christ to the poorest of poor living in the slums of Rio. Having personally been to Rio, met these Spirit-filled Kingdom builders, and worked in the slums I can honestly tell you that this trip will change your life. This March 8-17, 2013 we’ll fly down to Rio for the week and meet up with Jay Bauman, founder of Restore Brazil and director of Acts 29 Brazil. If you don’t know what Acts 29 is, it’s a network of churches that Christ Community Church is a part of that believes the greatest way to change a community is to plant gospel-centered churches. Jay and Restore Brazil is a multi-faceted ministry organization aiming to spread the gospel to the poor and oppressed across the country of Brazil. Hear more from Jay himself about what Restore Brazil is and what God has been doing through them by clicking this link. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-sXbW8RhMo)

The cool thing about this trip is that our ministry will be multi-faceted, much like the approach of Restore Brazil. You can expect us to spend all of our time in the slums of Rio ministering, serving, and spreading the gospel of Jesus; but in that our activities will vary. We’ll put on a VBS for a church plant in the slums to help it grow in significance on their street and to create lasting relationships between families and local church staff. One day we’ll visit an orphanage just outside Rio to spread the love of Jesus to the fatherless and we’ll also spend some time in homeless shelters, reminding the “least of these” that Jesus is hope, love, and everlasting life. Hear more from Jay in this video he sent to get us excited about the trip! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpGiiLEoBsQ)

We’re expecting the trip to cost $2000 or less, depending on the cost of airfare. We’re encouraged to hear from Jay that March is the off-season and should drive the price of travel down, so we expect that number to decrease. The $2000 or less covers all travel and lodging and all food but two meals.

I hope you consider this amazing opportunity! I’ve been on numerous trips, but my time in Rio has been my most memorable and meaningful. I’d love to share story after story with anyone who wants hear! We’re accepting applications until November 18! Apply at https://docs.google.com/a/missionathens.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG4zMTZpTEZHMDQyR2VhUW1rVi1YbEE6MQ. You can also email me at cross@missionathens.com for more information or to sit down and chat about Brazil!

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