All Things New

Hey fam, As a staff, we’re trying to find better ways to utilize the blog to serve you. My contribution is going to focus on two things that excite me -- stories and our mission as a church to join God in making all things new. I’ll be using the blog to tell stories that show three things:

How God is renewing our lives. I want to share your stories. Sharing a story about your life doesn’t mean you’re calling attention to yourself. It’s an opportunity to encourage our church. The people you gather with on Sunday mornings want to hear your stories and get to know you better. I’m going to ask some of you to share about how God has worked in your life, and if you want to share something, please let me know.

How God is renewing the world around us. God’s is on a mission to restore all of creation – everyone, in every culture, everywhere. I want to use this space to encourage you by giving you glimpses of redemption. I want to show how people are doing things around the world, in big and small ways, to restore creation.

How God is using us to renew all things. Each of us has our own passions, our own abilities, our own spheres of influence. Every single person in this church is passionate about something that no one else is, and all of us have a unique window into a part of our world. All of us see sin affect the world in different ways and have different opportunities to follow Jesus in response. These are the kind of things you already want to talk about, so I’m going to give you a chance to tell all of us about it.

Ultimately, these are your stories. They’re our stories. And the chance to help tell them excites me, because when we hear a new story, no matter how small or ordinary, we get a chance to look at the world around us in a different way. If we can see our present world in light of God’s new creation, we’ll have the courage to live like we were already there.

Grace, truth & peace,

Ben Sheppard

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