Christmas Offering Update

To all of our family and friends of Christ Community Church, Thanks so much for being part of God’s work in our city this fall. As we follow Jesus together, our hope is to make it impossible to ignore Jesus as we join God in making all things new - including our city.

Yesterday, we took in our Christmas Offering - and your response was phenomenal! At the time of this post, we have raised $9,994.76 to help start Downtown Academy here in Athens. I touched base with Ben Farnsworth, director of Downtown Ministries, and he asked me to express his thanks to you on behalf of Patrick Ennis, headmaster of DtA, along with the rest of the DtA board.

To anyone and everyone who contributed to the offering, thank you. Thank you for helping change the face of our city. Thank you for helping provide hope to boys and girls whose lives will be changed by this school. Thank you for caring enough about this situation to re-route financial resources which God had graciously given to you. May God bless you in your investment in people you may never meet this side of heaven.

If you weren’t able to give to the offering yesterday, I’d like to keep this thing going for at least another week. My prayer is that no one who is part of our family at Christ Community Church would miss out on this opportunity to work together to make our city better. There is nothing magical about this figure, but I would love for us to be able to invest at least $15,000 in Downtown Academy this Christmas. You can help us get there today by going here and giving today.

If you’re getting this note as someone who isn’t an active part of our church but would love to be part of this incredible opportunity, you can give online through our secure site in one easy step. Thank you for being part of something that’s bigger than any of us - your generosity is a glimpse of the generosity that we see in the incarnation of Christ at Christmas!

Because of Christ,

Matt Adair Lead Pastor

PS - In case you missed it in the letter, here’s the link to our secure giving page if you want to help us get Downtown Academy started next fall.

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