Group Profile: Ben and Megan

We're starting a short series where we profile our community groups here on the blog. This serves two purposes: first, it gives people who aren't already in a group a better idea of what our groups are like and which one might be a good fit for them. Second, it gives everyone a better idea of what's happening in other parts of our church. First up is the group I co-lead with Megan Fitzmaurice; I figured a good way to test this would be to let her answer my questions (versus me interviewing myself). Here we go! Image

Who are the leaders? Megan Fitzmaurice & Ben Sheppard

Where and when do you meet? Tuesday nights from 7:00pm-8:30pm at a group member’s house

Who are you? Ben graduated from UGA in August 2012. He is currently on the Protégé team at Christ Community. Megan moved to Athens from San Diego two years ago, and is in her second year of the Communication Studies Masters program at UGA.

How does a usual meeting go? We have a pretty flexible, laid-back structure to weekly meetings. People generally arrive around 7pm, and we catch up and chat for about 15-20 minutes. After a group icebreaker, we open up the floor for general discussion about the last week’s sermon, and present some guiding questions to think about. These discussions generally last around 45 minutes, and then we’ll break into smaller groups of about 2-3 and pray for each other. We’re committed to officially finishing at 8:30 pm, but people generally hang around until about 9pm, just fellowshipping and catching up! We all take turns bringing snacks for the group, which is generally made up of about 10-12 people.

What kinds of things go on outside the weekly meeting? Do you have a third place? Do you do other activities on a regular basis or is it an occasional thing? Most of us attend the 10am service, and go to lunch together afterword. Occasionally, we’ll have “ladies nights” and “guys nights” ranging from fondue parties, movie nights, game nights, etc.

What’s your group’s story? Post-graduation is definitely a hard and often frustrating time of transition, so we wanted to create an environment to help people push through this season of life together, focusing our eyes on Christ amidst uncertainty. We also wanted to offer a space of encouragement for graduate students, who usually deal with high-stress schedules and challenges to their faith in a different way than they experienced in college. So, this study really serves as a space of affirmation, where we help each other become more satisfied in God’s love and trust in His control over life’s daily pressures.

Who’s part of this group? While the focus of this group is on young professionals, graduate students, and people who have recently graduated, we have a couple upperclass undergrads that do regularly attend. Several people in the group are on staff with campus ministries at UGA, some are in graduate school or law school, and some are working full time.

If you'd like more information, you can shoot an e-mail to Ben at or Megan at

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