Two Hours Away...

My family loves Christmas. I mean we LOVE it! We have a Christmas Party where we buy junk food and setup the Christmas tree. We go shopping at terrible times of the night/morning to get the best deals for each other. We celebrate with relatives and friends. My mom even makes us sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus Christmas morning.

So yeah, we love Christmas.

Terry Family Christmas

One aspect of celebrating Christmas for my family is going to a Christmas Eve service.

Christmas Eve has always been a time for my family to look back at the struggles, hardships, celebrations, and triumphs of the year, and pray and plead for God to help and guide us in the future.

Because these are dark days…hopeless times. Where do I search for help?

I don’t go looking for help. Light shines into the darkness. Grief gives way to glory.

Help comes looking for me...for us.

Jesus is born and we know that help has arrived. His birth means that help is here and our hope is secure.

The birth of Jesus reminds us that God is a wise warrior who will not rest until he finishes the job. Wonderful Counselor. Mighty God. Everlasting Father. Prince of peace.

Help came looking for us.

That's why my family will be driving two hours from Middle Georgia to Athens. That's why we will be at the Christmas Eve service on the 24th. To be reminded that help is coming...that help is here...

Jesus is born.


Stephen Terry

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