Group Profile: Michael Mann

We’re continuing a short series where we profile our community groups here on the blog. This serves two purposes: first, it gives people who aren’t already in a group a better idea of what our groups are like and which one might be a good fit for them. Second, it gives everyone a better idea of what’s happening in other parts of our church. Next up is the group led by the estimable and incomparable Michael Mann.

Michael Mann, Michael Clarke, a friend of the group, Keri Shealy, and Hannah Parker

Who's the leader?

I (Michael C Mann) am the leader. Keri Shealy and Michael Clarke are assistant leaders.

Where and when do you meet?

2 weeks out of the month we meet in a specific house near campus. The other 2 weeks, we go do something fun (dinner/cookies/bowling etc).

Who are you?

I graduated from UGA in December of 2011. I work at Chick-fil-A and am part of the Protege team at CCC.

How does a usual meeting go?

2 weeks out of the month, we sit down on Sunday night at 7:30 and talk about what God is teaching us and how we plan to respond. Some people read verses that God has been using in their lives, while others just talk. We carry on a dialogue and most people end up sharing 4 or 5 different times. No one is called on...we just share as we feel led. We challenge and encourage each other as questions/struggles are revealed. I usually end our time with a few applicable verses and the challenge of "What is God calling us to be faithful with this week?". That's what I want us to be chasing after...finding what God is asking of us and then being faithful.

For the other 2 weeks, we go hang out and do something fun. This works to build community and unite our group as a family...but more importantly, this space exists to allow our group members to bring nonbelievers. This is just a small tool that we seek to create so that THEN the Gospel can be shared with individuals in other contexts outside of group. Our group is not just a Community is a MISSIONAL Community Group. The mission of advancing the Gospel in the lives of mission and women in Athens is 50% of why our group exists, so we place that level of importance on mission.

What kinds of things go on outside the weekly meeting? Do you have a third place? Do you do other activities on a regular basis or is it an occasional thing?

Outside of our weekly meeting, we seek to have every member of our group involved in a Fight Club. This is a group of 3-4 people, (same sex), who meet to learn how to follow Jesus. This allows us to reach a deeper level of vulnerability by letting a few people into our lives so that the Gospel might begin to change every area of our existence.

What’s your group’s story?

Our group started because I have been increasingly convinced that spreading the Gospel is something that must be done in every area of our lives. We don't get a job to make money...we get a job for the sake of the advancement of Jesus' Name! Money is good...having a nice résumé is good...but as believers, we are called to be making disciples and spreading the Gospel, and the workplace is a huge realm where that should take place. So our group exists for us to learn why and how to made our workplace a mission field, while learning to follow Jesus.

Who’s part of this group?

Our group is composed mostly of college students (with a few young professionals). Most of us work at Chick-fil-A, although we have a number of people who do not.


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