Community Profile: Brian Berl

We’re running a short series where we profile our community groups here on the blog. This serves two purposes: first, it gives people who aren’t already in a group a better idea of what our groups are like and which one might be a good fit for them. Second, it gives everyone a better idea of what’s happening in other parts of our church. This week, it's Brian Berl.


Who's the leader?
Brian Berl

Where and when do you meet?
Monday nights from 8-9:30 at Brian's house (

Who are you?
Brian is a senior at UGA in a pre-physical therapy major.

How does a usual meeting go?
People usually get to the house around 8 and we hang out for about 15 minutes or so. The meeting are do not always follow the same pattern, but usually consist of talking about what God is doing in our lives, reading through whatever part of the bible we are going through (this semester we will be reading some of the epistles), and a time of prayer. We usually have around 6 or 7 people at each meeting. 

What kinds of things go on outside the weekly meeting?
We do not have any structured official events outside the weekly meetings. We randomly will have events such as going out ice cream or watching a game together. However, many of us hang out on a weekly basis. 

What's your group's story?
God has given us a realization that we need community to know us and follow Jesus together. While the meeting times have been great, what's been so cool is that alot of our spiritual growth and discipleship process has been during times together outside of the Monday night meeting, when we are living real life together. 

Who's part of this group?
UGA students


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