Gathering As 1 Family

In the Fall of 2011 we decided that we were going to start 2 gatherings. We did it for many reasons. Here are a couple:

  1.  The room we meet in felt full
  2. we thought by asking some college student/young marrieds to come to the 12:00 service we would make room for families 

We have decided to stick to one gathering for the rest of the spring. 

We think this will give us all an opportunity to be with everyone that calls Christ Community home. It allows us all to be together in one gathering. 

It will also require a few things of us. 

  • If you are a family with kids, show up a few minutes early to make sure you have a seat together. 
  • Sit next to people. One issue is that often rows will have 2 or 3 open seats and that adds up across the room. 
  • Volunteer. Help make our gathering a place where people want to invite people and those people want to come back.

2013 is going to be an exciting year to be a part of Christ Community Church as we join God building us into a passionate people living lives of honesty and with hope. 

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