Community Profile: Aaron Slaten

We’re running a short series where we profile our community groups here on the blog. This serves two purposes: first, it gives people who aren’t already in a group a better idea of what our groups are like and which one might be a good fit for them. Second, it gives everyone a better idea of what’s happening in other parts of our church. This week, it’s Aaron Slaten's group.


Where and when do you meet? We meet at my house in Watkinsville on Sunday nights from 5-7.

Who are you? I am a pastor at Christ Community, I am married to Camille, I have 2 kids and we are in the process of adopting a third.

How does a usual meeting go? We meet at 5 and eat dinner together. Then we all sit in the living room and we walk through the New City Catechism. This has been great because we are working through basic foundational truths that for the most part we as Christians have no backing for but it’s just what we have been told. We use the catechism for a launching point of conversation. After discussion we ask how we can be praying for each other and we pray and leave.

What kinds of things go on outside the weekly meeting? As of right now we do not do “official” things as a group but our group does things outside of Sundays because we are working to build life around each other.

What’s your group’s story? My wife and I wanted to invest a small part of our lives into younger folks and we felt like this would be a good way for us to do that. Our Goal is to help equip college and post grad people for life.

Who’s part of this group? Mostly college students and a handful of post grad folks.


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