Human Trafficking in Atlanta

This video, a CNN segment from 2010, is twelve minutes long, and if you don't have time, I'd encourage you to watching through the 4:30 mark.

If you can't do that, here are the lowlights:

-- Women and girls as young as 14 are lured from Mexico under false pretenses and smuggled into the United States

-- Once in Atlanta, they were held in houses with barred windows and locks on the outsides of their doors

-- A Mexican woman who was lured to Atlanta by her boyfriend was forced to "serve" (be raped by) fifty or sixty men in a day.

-- When young girls -- as young as 14 -- could no longer mentally or physically take the abuse, they were "treated" with marijuana or cocaine so they could keep working

-- A social worker who works primarily with women who have been sexually exploited says the greatest challenge she faces is helping women recognize and admit that they are victims

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