New Member: Sarah Cowan

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our new members through sharing a little of their story. Our hope is that these stories will allow us to grow closer as a family as well as an avenue to share the story of our city.

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I grew up in the church (specifically Grace Presbyterian in Stone Mountain) and my parents were great examples of what serving the church looked like.

I "prayed the prayer" at VBS when I was 7, and 8, and 9, and probably 10. I would say that I did believe, but didn't know what that looked like beyond just being good. I didn't start to comprehend the weight of what it meant to be a sinner until a chapel service in middle school, and that's when I would say any real spritiual growth in my life really began.

In high school, I was stubborn and tried to do everything on my own strength, with my own clout, and on my own schedule. My mom was always there to remind me that God would make a way for things when He saw fit, and I ran as far from that as I could. I grew to literally hate the word "devotions." In the summer of 2010 I began working at a summer camp in Conyers, GA and it was there that I was overcome with the glory and presence and love of God for probably the first time in my life.

A big verse for that part of my life was Ephesians 1:4. There is no place that I have been that I have seen God's hand in things so much than at camp. This was also the first time that I began to understand the importance of having a community of Christians around you.

Since arriving at college I have been learning (because I certainly don't know it yet) about daily grace, and that my faith is not dependent on my perceptions of God's distance to me. I have also been learning the hard reality that I am not the exception to the rules, but I have been challenged and required to not only know that in my heart, but to see evidence of that in my life. This school year, I have also been learning the necessity of actually living in community and not simply as an individual or in pairs, I'm not very good at it, but I know that I am continually being molded.

My mission field is the art community of Athens. As an art student, I meet alot of people who are non-Christians and I see it as my role to be an example of how the art world and the Christian faith can be put together without simply pasting Bible verses over all of my work, or exclusively depicting "Christian" imagery.

I am hoping to learn more of what it means to be on mission wherever I am. I also hope to continue to learn about the necessity of the body of Christ in a person's life.

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