New Member: Brittany Espy

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our new members through sharing a little of their story. Our hope is that these stories will allow us to grow closer as a family as well as an avenue to share the story of our city.


I was graced with being raised in a christian home. Christ working in my life was a story of Him initiating my salvation at an early age and convincing me continually that the gift I have in Christ truly is unmerited favor. A process of conversations with my small group leaders in middle school helped me to understand that the depth of my sin undoubtably separated me from a perfect God, but that by sending His own Son to fulfill the law, satan's claim over sin was abolished and I am saved by that. I have been most impacted in my faith knowing that God did not stop in mercy, but continued in grace- giving me the hope of eternal life in a fully-restored, perfect and unified relationship with our creator.

I became a Christian at age 6, while watching a film about the life and teachings of Jesus with my mom. I asked her what it means to be a Christian. She simply told me the truth: I am a sinner. Because of that, I deserved absolutely nothing but Hell. But the good news was that God sent His son to Earth to deal with all the sin in the world; He died doing this and was raised again to heaven, thereby giving us eternal life by faith in Him alone.

I think the evidence I'm a true Christian lies in the fact that God continues to press this inherent truth of the gospel into my heart everyday: I'm needy of that same grace I first learned at age six every hour. If I am living in such a reality of learned dependence, as He bids me come and die in the name of faith by which i'm saved , then I truly am redeemed in Him.

I see my mission field in three different areas:

-Classes: I forget daily the mission field I have at my finger tips while on campus. My classes can without doubt be an opportunity to build relationships with classmates and share the truth of the gospel. -RUF: I have absolutely loved getting involved with this on-campus ministry, and look forward to possibly leading a freshman bible study next year. -Camp: I have been tremendously blessed with an opportunity to be in charge of the high school-aged counselors this summer at christian youth camp called Camp Westminster.

I wanted to become a member of Christ Community because I wanted to strive to love God and love my neighbor in the context of a real community, where we come together (sinners alike) to help each other enjoy and learn the grace of God. Also, I yearn to share the same explicit gospel we're learning and spread that to the city around us; "making Jesus non-ignorable" together.

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