Grace in the Life of George Jones

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It seems everyone knows the man and his music. Who doesn't know his most popular tune, “He Stopped Loving Her Today”? If you've ever lost someone dear to your heart, you can feel the pain in the words of that song.

We all love George Jones in the way a lot of us love Bill Clinton. Here is a guy who has his flaws. His character wasn't solid. He was a drunk for many years. He was married four times. He made bad choices and failed time and again, yet he bounced back like a man with a million second chances.

Maybe you haven’t been a slave to alcohol. But you've probably been addicted to something. It could even be a way of doing things. If that pattern is interrupted, you’d find yourself wanting to go back as badly as a chain smoker going an hour without a cigarette. We run to what is comfortable to avoid ever having to feel that feeling.

We can relate to George whenever we've disappointed someone. He missed performances often enough that people dubbed him “No Show” Jones. And for most of us, if we did that more than twice, we’d lose all our friends. But there was an unconditional love the public had for him that transcended all his sins against them. In fact it was so great that he was still performing concerts up to the time of his death.

Despite all his difficulties, George was a man with resolve. He got up time after time and kept on going. What seems to have given him the most strength was the unconditional love of his last wife.

George’s life paints a picture of the redemption we all crave. We want to know we matter and that our gifts can make a difference. George used his freely and shared them with the world. He didn't wait until he was perfect to start because he knew that would never happen.

That’s where Jesus comes in. He loves us as we are, no matter how much we’ve messed things up. He can use even the weakest of us to accomplish his purpose in the world.

So quit worrying and start trusting. Share God’s love by sharing your gifts with a broken world.

Jesus will take care of the mess.

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