New Member: Hannah Holdridge

Another addition to introducing our new members through sharing a little of their story. Our hope is that these stories will allow us to grow closer as a family as well as an avenue to share the story of our city.


I am currently a sophomore at UGA studying religion. I began attending Christ Community Church during my freshman year around January. I had been "church hopping" for several weeks and when I came to CC I knew that this was where God wanted me to grow as a believer.

Growing up I was not a member of a church. My family rarely attended church on Sundays; I went to Greater Atlanta Christian School and I think we used the whole "christian school kids" thing as an excuse for avoiding Sunday church. I was baptized when I was a sophomore in high school on a spiritual retreat where I realized that I couldn't save myself through good deeds and general niceness, but only through the blood of Christ.

When I came to college my faith began to undergo its biggest transformation. My parents' divorce, father's admittance to rehab, and the death of a best friend brought me to my knees, literally. Prayer was no longer just a part of my life, but it was my life. Right now I am still recovering from these life-changes and am awestruck and so excited about what God is still going to teach me every day.

I want to connect with the real people around me all who all share the goal of glorifying God in Athens. I have never been a member of a church before so I am really excited to learn about how God moves within a church's membership. I also really enjoy Matt's sermons and believe that God will continue to use him to teach me new things of his love.

I am currently a leader at the Wesley Foundation in the freshman ministry. I am a member of the events team where we plan social events that bring the freshmen into relationships with one another. Through Wesley, God is showing me the importance of humility. He is showing me that although being on the event team means less face-to-face time with the freshmen, it is a position that allows me to show others God's love through fun times and friends. In the future I want to be either a christian counselor or teacher. I want to learn as much as I possibly can about the Bible and help people understand those tough subjects that many ignore.

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