New Member: Courtney Hicks

Another addition to introducing our new members through sharing a little of their story. Our hope is that these stories will allow us to grow closer as a family as well as an avenue to share the story of our city.


I am a rising junior at UGA from Richmond Hill, GA, a town south of Savannah. My father was in the air force growing up so I moved around a lot every couple of years, but he eventually retired in Richmond Hill upon my entrance into high school. I have a younger brother and sister. I grew up in a Christian home with wonderful, godly parents but God really began to reveal what the gospel truly meant for me in high school with my involvement in my church's youth group.

I was baptized in a Baptist church when I was 10 or 11, but my faith never really became my own until high school. In fact, I am still learning even into college; last year I wrestled a lot with my faith, which ended up being a huge growth period in my walk with Christ and I learned so much more about my Father in heaven and about myself during that time. This isn't to say that I have stopped growing; I just grew more than I ever have before due to my new independence and the diversity of people that I met freshman year.

I have never been a member of a church before, and now that I am much more independent in college and away from home I want to find a church that I can call my family. I have found that in Christ Community Church.

I am in a sorority, and God has provided opportunities for me to invite my sisters to church and talk with them about their struggles and life in general. Being able to live alongside them has been really cool. I also have other friends around campus and from home that I have been able to have cool conversations with recently about what it means to be a follower of Christ.

I am excited to become a member of Christ Community!

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