Easter Offering Update

In some parts of the Christian world, it's traditional for a church or a community to stage a "passion play," a kind of pageant that reenacts the last week of Jesus' life. The little village of Oberammergau in southeastern Germany has produced a passion play every ten years since 1634; municipal law states that male residents are forbidden to shave during play years so they can better approximate first century Jewish men. We don't have a passion play or a pageant or an interpretive dance. Those things are all good, but there's a different kind of "play" we're interested in for Easter. We want to act out the drama of Good Friday and Easter, not by trying to depict the historical events, but by following the pattern God set. He wrote the original "script" by giving up Jesus to death for our trespasses and raising him for our justification (Romans 4:25). In the same way that the Father gave us new life by sending his Son for us, we give hope to our world by giving up what we have for their sake.

The final amount we gathered for Out of Darkness was $4,606. The money we gave will go toward freeing a woman in Atlanta from sexual slavery. Thank you for your generosity. Please continue to pray that God would bless and multiply what we've given to bring hope to women in Atlanta.

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