Helping People Follow Jesus

Christ Community Church helps people follow Jesus together as a family. We are a community of disciples who make disciples. What do I think that looks like? Here are two things that I brought up in yesterday's sermon.

It means that each of us take responsibility for our own discipleship. We actively follow Jesus in a life that includes:

  • Daily reading the Scriptures;
  • Daily time in prayer, including 5-10 minutes of silence and solitude;
  • Friendship with non-Christians, with the intention of telling them about Jesus
  • At least one friendship where the other person knows all of your issues
  • Financial generosity
  • Weekly Sabbath, or Stop Day, where the normal activities of life are set aside for worship, rest and serving other people

Spiritual maturity is marked by a life that takes responsibility for following Jesus. But we're not made to journey through this life alone - we need the help of others - so here is one way we can help other people follow Jesus using our BLESS paradigm:

  • B - Begin by praying for people
  • L - Listen to them by asking good questions
  • E - Eat with them and create a context for listening
  • S - Serve them in a way that demonstrates your care and concern
  • S - Share the story of God that we call the gospel

I find both of these lists to be a helpful barometer as I take stock of whether I'm following or avoiding Jesus. If I can help you build this into your life - praying for you, pointing you to resources, helping you build a personalized plan for discipleship and making disciples - please let me know.

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