REAP - How We'll Read The Bible In 2014

Image If we're going to read the Bible together, we need a way to read the Bible together. We'll be using the ESV Study Bible reading plan in 2014, but we think its important to match a principle to a practice.

So the principle for reading the Bible is 'listen and respond to God' and the corresponding practice for us is 'use the REAP method'.

REAP is a way to study the Bible that calls for you to:

  • Read the text
  • Examine the text
  • Apply the text
  • Pray the text

Here is an outline and explanation of each part of REAP; print a copy and put it in your Bible for easy reference.

REAP Method

You can get ready for next year by:

Saturday - We'll show you what it looks like to use REAP when you study the Bible

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