Introducing DNA Groups

Image Everyone needs a place where they listen to God and learn from each other. Everyone needs help living everyday life with joy, rest, courage and generosity.

DNA Groups* exist to be that place and to provide that kind of help. We call them DNA Groups because this is where the heart of our life with God is stored: 2-4 people who meet weekly for drinks or a meal to talk about the Bible.

Tomorrow, we'll introduce some principles and practices that will help your DNA group thrive. For today, here are two things you've already been working on for 2014 that will help you take the next step into a DNA Group:

  1. You already know what you'll be talking about since our church is going to be using the ESV Study Bible reading plan.
  2. You've been thinking about 2-3 people that you would want to meet with regularly to help you follow Jesus.

So, your next step is get in touch with the people you had in mind and set up time in early January to talk about being in a DNA Group together. Four ways this works best:

  1. Don't wait to be asked. If you want to be in a group like this with someone, ask them.
  2. Start with where you are. Community Groups are a great place to find people to be part of a DNA Group
  3. Think outside of your life stage. DNA Groups are fantastic environments to invest in relationships with someone older or younger than you.
  4. Be generous but don't be a liar. If someone asks you to be in a DNA Group, take the time to consider the offer. Be willing to be part of a group with people you don't know well. But if you come to the conclusion that the group won't be a place you can thrive, be honest and say, 'No, thank you.'

*DNA Groups are similar to what we've called Fight Clubs in the past.

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