DNA Groups - Rhythms and Advantages

Image We've created DNA Groups as a place for us to follow Jesus by going deeper together.


For us, depth is defined by obedience rather than knowledge. So DNA Groups are a place for us to wrestle with our personal obedience to what God tells us in the Scriptures. DNA Groups are the place in Christ Community to study the Bible deeply and to be known deeply by other people.

DNA Groups meet weekly to do three things:

  • First, we want to Hear and Obey - we want to read the Bible every day and be held accountable for what we're supposed to DO in response.
  • Second, we want to Repent and Believe - we want to confess and set out to walk away from our sin and disobedience. And we're going to remind each other to believe the good news of Jesus' life, death and resurrection for us.
  • Third, we want to Consider and Pray - we want to consider opportunities we have to BLESS* people God has put in our life and to pray for them by name.


Meeting weekly shapes you as a follower of Jesus and forms the backbone of our church. It helps people transition from a consumer looking for needs to be met into a covenant member looking to meet the needs of people around them.

And while we don't consider DNA Groups to be a sufficient avenue for disciple-making, we do see them as an effective part of how we make disciples within Christ Community. If we're doing these well, they should be simple and accessible for anyone to be involved.

To help you get started, we've attached a basic tool we encourage all of our DNA Groups to use:

DNA Playbook

Tomorrow - First Steps in Following Jesus Together in 2014

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