Am I Following Jesus?

following-jesus We define discipleship in our church as following Jesus together and we suggest two ways to evaluate discipleship on a personal level:

  1. Am I listening and responding to what God is telling me?
  2. Am I actively and intentionally helping other people listen and respond to God?

This is how we think about the biblical mandate to love God and love neighbor.

One of the things that we've observed in asking those two questions about ourselves is that principles need practices. This is why we focus our discipleship around two practices that we call REAP and BLESS.

  1. REAP helps me listen and respond to what God is telling me as I Read, Examine, Apply the Bible and respond in Prayer.
  2. BLESS allows me to help other people listen and respond to God by Beginning with prayer, Listening to them, Eating with them, Serving them, and Sharing God's story that we call the gospel.

You can read more about REAP here.

We're working on material to help you make BLESS a regular part of your everyday life.

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