BLESS: Begin with prayer

Image Jesus reminds us that real, everyday life can be summarized as love for God and for neighbor. God in his wisdom and providence has put the particular people around us that he intends for us to care for. And while there is something familiar about this notion of loving people, we've learned as a church that all of us struggle to go about this task with clarity and confidence.

So with the notion that principles are strengthened by sound practice, we are learning to live out the principle of loving our neighbor by implementing a practice we call BLESS:

  • B - Begin with prayer
  • L - Listen
  • E - Eat
  • S - Serve
  • S - Share

Over the course of the next week, we'll talk more about each of these. For today, I would encourage you to notice the people that God has put around you - in your neighborhood, at work, in class, as you go about the business of your day. Pray for them. Ask God to help them know the greatness, glory, goodness and grace of God today. Now would be a good time to pray for whatever you need to love them like Jesus. Perhaps you don't know your neighbor's name. Or maybe you work with someone who is a particular character and your office has responded by effectively shunning them. Whoever God has put around you - Christian or not - they have been put there for you to love them towards Jesus.

God wants you to love your neighbor today. BLESS them - begin with prayer. Start now. Watch for opportunities during the day.

Friday - We BLESS people by Listening to their story.

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