When You Put 40 Women In One House...

Image Last weekend, 40 women from Christ Community joined more than 21,000 other ladies around the world for the IF:Gathering

From Lindsey Hughes:

Wow. The Lord showed His graciousness and his strength this past weekend as 40 women sacrificed time (and sleep!) to listen, share, and dream within community. I want every one of our ladies to know that we prayed for you. We prayed for those that would walk through the doors, we prayed for those who, for whatever reason, were not able to make it. We prayed that the Spirit would speak to both groups (those present and those not). I feel an awakening and I know I am not alone in that.

The gathering we had was good, even great, but it is just barely the beginning of what God has in mind. Let's work together to not let the listening, sharing, and dreaming stop there. Let's press on into what He revealed and will continue to reveal to us as women of God. Let's trust God, knowing He is real, and knowing He has us in THIS city, in Athens, for a reason. Let's take the work He is doing in us and use it to BLESS this city.  It starts at home, ladies. The work He is doing in you starts right where you are. With your family, in your classrooms, with your neighbors. I pray that our eyes are opened to how little we have so that we can begin to ask God for more.

Also, I genuinely want to thank every husband that stayed home on Friday and Saturday with children in order to let your wife gather in community. Your willingness and support are not forgotten or taken for granted! Thank you!

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