Community Group Spotlight: The Baths

Christ Community Church is composed of many "community groups." Every week, these groups meet in homes around the Athens area. People of all ages share about what Jesus is doing in their lives and debrief that Sunday's sermon. Bill and Joanne Bath lead one of these communities on a small country farm on Wednesday evenings. The group started in mid-2012 with the Rhodes family, Tony and Cindy Dimauri, Nick and Katy Mahew, Kendell Miller, Josh Ferrel, and Manny Salazar.

Bill describes the discussions as "lively and connected." Prayer and worship is the backbone of the time together. Biblical community offers a source of support for those in dire times of need, and this group is no different.

"Our gatherings are sometimes serious, and many times not so much. We spent an evening watching Nacho Libre staring Jack Black one evening, if that gives you any idea. We love to laugh, and we welcome new people."

Sometimes this community group joins up with another community within the church for times of fun and fellowship, such as the annual Hayride and Bonfire. Fifty students from Chinese Ministries attended this past year with people of all ages, and everyone enjoyed a time of bluegrass music and square dancing together.

"As a group, we eagerly look for what God is doing in our church and desire to be part of that in a meaningful way," Bill added.

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