Sermon Review: The King Arrives

Big Idea: If Jesus is the King, then I don't have to be afraid.

Verses: Luke 19:28-44

Summary: As Jesus makes his way into Jerusalem, his disciples turn a traditional pilgrimage song into a coronation hymn, declaring him to be the Savior-King who has come to rescue us. Luke uses rocks and a donkey in the story to remind us that if Jesus really is the King, then we don't have to be afraid of anything.

Next Steps: Consider the following questions as you listen and respond to God:

  • What did God say to me in the text?
  • How do I know whether or not what I heard is true?
  • How do I feel about what I heard?
  • How do I practically put my hope and trust in Jesus in response to his message?
  • What's my next step as a follower of Jesus?

A few ways we can help you as a church:

  • 'I'm in very real danger of trading in actual significance to feel like I'm part of something significant.' (article)
  • Our friend, Paul Tripp, talks about how fear is a significant motivation for our lives. (video)
  • A brand new book, The Final Days Of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived, is worth your time. (book)
  • If you're part of a community group, I'd encourage you to talk about who you're planning to BLESS between now and Easter. 
  • And if you're looking for a place to go deep with the Bible and with each other, email me ( and let's talk about getting you into a DNA Group.

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