Sermon Review: Jesus The Revolutionary, Part II

Big Idea: Jesus is not out to ruin you; He's out to rescue you.

Verses: Luke 20:27-40

Summary: The Sadducees, a group of Jewish artistocrats, question Jesus about the resurrection out of fear that Jesus' revolution will threaten their power and position. From their perspective, Jesus is out to ruin their life. Jesus' response is a reminder that whenever we think he's trying to ruin our life, he is actually engaged in a rescue mission. If and when he wrecks our lives, it's to save us from the damage we'll do if we're left on our own.

Next Steps: Consider the following questions as you listen and respond to God:

  • What did God say to me in the text?
  • How do I know whether or not what I heard is true?
  • How do I feel about what I heard?
  • How do I practically put my hope and trust in Jesus in response to his message?
  • What's my next step as a follower of Jesus?

A few ways we can help you as a church:

  • 25 simple ways to love your neighbor (article)
  • How churches fake God's work with Darrin Patrick and Ray Ortlund (3 minute video)
  • The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door (book)
  • If you're part of a community group, I'd encourage you to talk about who you're planning to BLESS between now and Easter. 
  • And if you're looking for a place to go deep with the Bible and with each other, email me ( and let's talk about getting you into a DNA Group.

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