Six Ways To Be A Global Christian

In light of the persecution of Christians that is ongoing in Iraq, as well as crises in Syria, Ukraine and West Africa, here are six ways that you can be part of God’s work outside of the United States:

1. Remember

Remember that the Gospel compels us to care about the world. Our God is the God of every nation, whose work will not cease until His fame covers the earth the way that the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14)

2. Celebrate

Celebrate what God is doing in ways that don’t look or sound like you. In Montreal. In Dubai. In India

3. Help

Help start new churches around the world. You’ll hear more in the days and weeks to come about how you can be part of our efforts to help plant churches outside of the United States.

4. Pray

Pray for the work of the church around the world. Consider using a resource like Open Doors, a group that serves persecuted Christians around the world. 

5. Follow

Follow the BBC World Service and other international news services. I have been helped greatly over the past year by listening to BBC’s Daily Commute podcast.

6. Learn

Learn from Christians that don’t live here in the States. For starters, check out the sessions from this years Acts 29 Europe conference.

As crises arise around the world, our commitment is to pray and to work together with other organizations to provide aid where possible.

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