Our Christmas Offering Will Support Downtown Academy

Our Christmas Offering this year will support Downtown Academy. In this post, we wanted to give you all some info on what the academy is about and the growth they’ve seen this past year. 

The mission of Downtown Academy is to provide children of inner-city Athens, Georgia with an excellent and rigorous Christ-centered education that builds knowledge, character, and purpose. The purpose is oriented around glorifying God by removing the geographic and economic barriers that keep children and families from such a quality education. The academic’s focus is on developing and sharpening the children’s skills in math and reading so that they will succeed in all their other courses. 

This Past Year

Downtown Academy has seen huge growth within the past year. They currently have hired a new teacher to begin the second grade education level. This allows the students who finish the first grade program to continue to build on their success and stay in the loving and nourishing environment of Downtown Academy. This is exciting because it means these children will continue the academic growth they have been experiencing.

Last year, the growth in reading and math was outstanding. The first graders came in to Downtown Academy with a reading level at or below the first grade level. At the end of the school year all students’ reading levels were at the third grade reading level, with half of the class at the fourth or even fifth grade reading level. This growth is incredibly important because third grade reading scores are the number one predictor of students’ academic outcomes. Having these students going into second grade already reading at the necessary level, or higher, will allow them to have a solid academic foundation that they continue to build and grow in the new second grade program in Downtown Academy.

Students have not only experienced academic growth, but they have also grown in their spiritual lives and their character. The community within Athens has been consistent in coming and sharing the importance of the gospel through the Lunch Buddy Program.

What’s In Store

Downtown Academy wants to see a continuation of the academic success and character growth. The best way to see this is to keep the children in the environment that has helped develop this growth. Adding a third grade program to Downtown Academy is a way to accomplish this. There is a need to continue the progress the students are making from first grade to second and then to the third grade so that the children can continue to be in a loving and Christ-centered environment. 

The hope for the future of Downtown Academy is for academic and spiritual success of students through a nurturing environment and a Gospel centered curriculum.  


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